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Mike is a senior multimodal designer at Amazon focused on voice and generative AI.

Mike helps brands to innovate and create their voice assistant using the same tech that built Alexa

Mike's commitment to innovation

Mike's work has helped shape the future of voice assistants and conversational AI, and he's excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the AI space.

Demo Reel

A reel of Mike's digital work from 2017 while working at the BMW Group, to present day working at Amazon on Alexa Custom Assistant..

Mike is a multimodal designer who leads design for Alexa Custom Assistant at Amazon, where his team works on new complex experiences not created on the voice AI market.

Harman Kardon
BMW Group
United Airlines

His work on the future of voice assistants

Mike led the design of the first multi-assistant multimodal experience on a hardware device for a Telecommunications brand when Verizon announced "Hi Verizon" for The Verizon Smart Display, with Alexa Built-in in August 2021. Mike's work recently pivoted from the Verizon assistant's custom skill design to creating custom assistants for brands based on LLM.

His Experience & Thinking

He has over 12 years of experience in the industry, and he excels at taking complex or abstract tech ideas and crafting delightful and functional experiences. Mike understands that minor details shape the product, and he adeptly wears multiple design hats, combining his expertise as a generalist and specialist.